Monday, 25 February 2013

Your Evolution Revolution

This week's guest post comes from Jodi Richter, Student Life and Industrial Internship Advisor for the Faculty of Science.

As a student I always found it difficult to see past my next exam or deadline. I never seemed to have time for career and networking events. They were something only for people about to graduate, right? Now I work in student and career services, and I’ve seen how working on networking skills throughout your degree can make the evolution from student to professional much more effective, natural and even fun. Here are some ideas to get started:

After countless hours of research and studying it can be tough to get excited about an evening of editing and formatting your resume, especially if you aren't planning on applying for positions soon. But updating your resume and taking inventory of what you've accomplished in the last few months can give you a big boost of confidence and a sense of direction, even if you are the only person that sees it. Stop by with your resume (hard copy or on your laptop) for a FREE 10 minute consultation at CAPS Rapid Resume Review session on March 6 in the CCIS Career Centre.

If you put off starting a work wardrobe until you graduate, you'll have of a closet full of awkward pants and ill- fitting blazers you had to buy in a panic before you started a new job. Instead, start thinking about how you would like to look as a professional and begin collecting pieces now. By the time you graduate, you'll have a carefully curated professional wardrobe you love (and saved your budget and the environment). Grab a seat at the SUB stage at noon on March 15 for the EcoStyle Fashion Show to get some ideas and then head upstairs to the Goodwill Pop- up Boutique to pick up career wear you can afford now (all items priced under ten dollars!)

You've heard "don't talk to strangers" your whole life as a matter of personal safety, but now you've got to start approaching people to broaden your network and hear about opportunities. Talking about yourself (and listening to others) effectively takes practice. These conversations can help you figure out who you are, where you fit in, what you want to do, how you can help people achieve their goals and how they can help you. On March 11 learn what you should (and shouldn't) say at Networking for Newbies.

You've been going out for dinner with friends and family for years and have yet to be thrown out of a restaurant for bad manners. So why should you worry about dining etiquette when you're out with potential employers or colleagues? Because eating in a professional setting has its own set of rules - some that may surprise you. Stop second guessing and dazzle your new contacts at company dinners and lunch meetings by attending Dine with Class on March 11. What steps have you taken as a student to revolutionize your evolution professional? What part of entering the workforce do you find daunting? I (and the fine folks at CAPS) would love to hear what you think.

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