Monday, 23 September 2013

Twas the Week of Careers Day

This week's blog post comes from Kristina Drozdiak. Kristina is in the Arts Work Experience Program (AWE) and is doing a one-year internship at CAPS.
Careers Day is almost upon us. This Wednesday, September 25 CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre will be hosting our annual multi-discipline career fair, the largest of its kind in North America. We understand that bigger isn’t always necessarily better; with nearly 200 employers registered, that is an awful lot of booths to stop by, especially if you only have the time to drop in between classes.
In order to refine your search and maximize the time you spend engaging with employers you share an interest with, we have a grid on our website that allows you to see from which areas each employer is interested in hiring. You can find the grid here.

Careers Day is a great opportunity to network with employers, to see what opportunities are available and to practice marketing yourself to employers. If you’re nervous about making a good impression, try starting out at booths that you are not as interested in. Because the stakes will be lower making mistakes will be less intimidating and you can begin to smooth out your personal ‘elevator pitch.’
To prepare for the connections you’re hoping to make, stop by the CAPS booth and pick up a Careers Day business card. On the back you can fill out your personal information (name, degree, year of graduation, e-mail, work interests). Feel free to take as many as you like! When you pass them along to employers, they will not only have your contact information, but these distinctive cards will remind them of where they met you.
This year will be my first helping to put Careers Day together, rather than attending as a student. I’m looking forward to seeing you there, and I hope that your experience this Wednesday is a good one! The best piece of advice that I can give is that you can only get as much as you’re willing to put in. Just keep in mind that the employers at Careers Day want to engage with you, so don’t be afraid to start the conversation.

We’ve been asking employers what the coolest thing about working for their organization is. If you’re still looking for a reason to visit Careers Day on Wednesday, here are some answers I found inspiring:
Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd – Grand Prairie Operations

Top Ten - #1. We love ice cream!
Because it tastes good. Also because it contains cellulose (wood) fiber. Countless products do: toothpaste, photographic film and insulation, to name a few.

Farm Credit Canada
As one of Canada’s top employers, we’ve created a culture by design that ensures respect, accountability and collaboration by valuing all our employees.

ATB Financial
So what can ATB Financial offer you? Career advancement opportunities without ever having to leave the province, direct access to senior leaders, and a voice in our future. Our organization craves change and with that, opportunities abound for the right people. As an award-winning employer-of-choice – we have the best of the best working for Albertans. Sound like a team you want to be a part of?

Otis Canada Inc.
After working for Otis Canada for one year the Company will pay for costs to take a graduate degree program on a part time basis.

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